takTak Makaron Company has been active in producing all kinds of pasta relying nearly 2 decades experience, high technology, well-educated team and considering the principles and rules governing of the food industry. The company offers its nutritious and healthy products at the both of national and global levels with the aim of supplying part of nutritional needs.
Mass production with the best quality and nutritive value has always been considered as the strategic policy of Tak Makaron Co. So that, at present, utilizing 6 pasta production lines, our plant is capable to present more than 450 tons of various products to the market such as pasta, snacks, flour, cake mix, lasagna, semi-prepared products and olive oil.
In order to produce a high quality product, according to the international standards, environmental conditions of pasta production shall be continuously regulated and controlled on the basis of the type of products and production technology, in compliance with the standards, so that the manufactured product comes with the desirable quality. Plenty of air handling units as well as cooling and heating packages has been used to provide cooling, heating, humidity and to clean ambient air at the production site.
All machineries are provided by the best local as well as international providers.
Pasta production with the highest quality and in accordance with the global standards requires employing modern lines and their precise control. The qualitative and quantitative growth of Tak Makaron products have performed, keeping the pace with the technological advances in pasta production. Tak Makaron Mfg. Co. has always been the leading company in pasta production and packaging of its kind all over the region.
Taksaran Parmis Co. is the exclusive distributer of Tak makaron Products throughout Iran.