Pars Hayat Production Co. built and operated a factory in Abhar, Zanjan province, Iran, in 2011 to meet a part of the demand in the Iranian market. Manufacturing baby diapers and women’s hygienic and tissue paper products and adult diapers under the brand names of Molfix , Molped , Joly , papia and teno, This factory uses the most modern and advanced technologies under the supervision of Turkish specialists. These full-automatic and very fast machines were imported from Italy and Germany to manufacture and package the above mentioned products without any human interruption.

Like all other subsidiaries of Hayat Kimya Co., Pars Hayat Co. employs latest production technologies, develops new products to meet the consumers’ demands through its experienced research and development team, to promote its products in international markets, to raise the quality and acceptance levels of its products, and to establish better communication with the consumers.

Ranking as the fifth largest manufacturer of branded diapers in the world, Hayat Kimya Co. exports its products to more than 90 countries worldwide, operates factories in Turkey, Iran and Algeria, and will expand its position in global competition through its new factories to be unveiled in Egypt and Russia in 2013. This company’s brands have faced significant increase in their market shares every year through their latest technology and high quality products.

Pars Hayat Co. unveiled its factory in Iran in July 2011, and its Molfix , Molped , Joly, papia and teno brands of products achieved to enjoy a considerable market share according to their high quality. Pars Hayat applies the strategy of offering products manufactured by means of the latest technology at reasonable prices to the consumers in Iran to serve all the regions of Iran which has strategic, religious and cultural ties with Turk.

Pars Hayat is being distributied by Taksaran Parmis Co. in Isfahan, Hamadan and Bushehr provinces now.