Tak Saran Parmis History

Tak Saran Parmis as a trading & distributing company was established in 2011, with the aim of distributing FMCG and expanding market share, analyzing management skills in case of relationship with customers along with the physical assets and labor in food distribution scientific system. Tak Saran Parmis main shareholder is “Tak Makaron” and its management and board structure were changed to the current structure in the summer of 2013.
Number of employees increased in six years up to 400 and the uptrend of the number of employees, Branches, warehouses, still goes on.
Tak Saran Parmis has been working and expanding its activities with third-party logistic services so far.
Tak Saran Parmis main goal is to deliver the best goods from manufacturers to customers throughout Iran in minimum time and cost. Some companies are governed by the rules and the others by pecking orders, whereas Tak Saran Parmis goes with values which seems simple but in fact fundamental and fulfillment.
We are going to share these values such as human capital, transparency, outstanding, loyalty, team work, etc. with our shareholders, employees and customers which guide us through all interactional relationships.