borgesThe history of Borges goes back to the end of the nineteenth century when, in 1896, the Pont Creus family began a small business buying and selling olives and almonds in the areas of Lleida and Tarragona. Within just a few years Borges olive oil was already known for its quality and extraordinary flavour.
That small company has now become Borges International Group, world leader in the global market for healthy and wholesome food. This large corporation is a standard-bearer in the sphere of the Mediterranean lifestyle and stays true to its origins, to the land of its birth and a deeply-rooted family tradition.
On the basis of these firm foundations, Borges International Group aspires to continue being world leader in natural products, helping to introduce the benefits of the Mediterranean Lifestyle to future generations.
Borges Mediterranean Group is a company with worldwide scope. This is evident from its presence in a host of countries, with supply, processing and sales businesses boasting years of operating experience in all continents, thereby forming a complete added-value chain.
Today the company has a presence in all five continents and its own subsidiaries in the following countries:
Spain, France, USA (three subsidiaries), Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Chile, China, Brazil, India, Russia and Poland, while our international presence through its sales network easily reaches more than 130 countries.
All this demonstrates our unswerving commitment to the ceaseless internationalisation of our activities.
Taksaran Parmis Co. has started its collaboration with Borges International Group as Borges products exclusive importer and distributer in Iran and the products will be available for consumers soon.